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By Eddie Ssemakula

Winnie Nabukeera, a self-driven nurse and sonographer, came second in the HIHA Nurse of the Year category. She established Little Wings, an organization that provides holistic empowerment to nurses and medical professionals through soft skills, entrepreneurship, and skills development—an endeavor she regards as her greatest, to date.

Started in 2019, Little Wing promotes a better work ethic among other professional development training for nurses and has since been able to partner with several sector players through their training in customer care,  soft skills, work-life balance and productivity among others.

Winnie likes to control what she can, so her assessment of the Ugandan medical industry is measured,

“I focus on what I can change, what I can’t change, I don’t prioritize” she continues, “nevertheless we still have high patient-to-nurse ratios, and there are a lot of midwives out there too, but the working conditions can get poor, so government should find a way of absorbing more nurses into the system so we can curb unemployment, graduate nurses may be a good start. “

In her organization, entrepreneurship among medics is a big focus area,  “There are so many problems in our communities yet the national budget is limited, everyone therefore, every health worker shouldn’t  wait, you have the opportunity to make a change in their lives and even live better by  positioning yourself as an expert.” She says

Winnie believes that more nurses should take the initiative and work hard to find solutions to problems. She adds “In the difficult working environment of entrepreneurship, passion is very important, it is passion that keeps you going. If you do what comes from your heart, you’ll become more creative, and the paycheck will follow that.”

Her work empowering nurses has also taught her about playing the long game,  specifically, testing her patience.  “What helps you work for prevention rather than only cure, is service beyond self” she explains.

Winnie’s HIHA nomination, she says, became an opportunity for her to connect with peers and leaders in the health sector ”People now understand the work we do, this is a space every nurse can showcase their skills and knowledge, it has given me a lot of credibility.“

Her nomination has helped her gain mileage in her work, and she now wants fellow nurses on board, “They (nurses) should work with a bigger “why” beyond clocking in and out of the hospital every day. They need to think about solutions in their community”  she emphasizes.

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