1. Life Time Achievement Award
  2. Public Health Facility of Choice
  3. Private Health Facility of Choice
  4. Mission/Faith based Health Facility of Choice.
  5. Maternal and Child Health care Award
  6. Health Innovation Award
  7. Use of ICT to improve Patient Care Award
  8. Student innovation Award
  9. Excellence in improving Access to Essential Medicines and Vaccines
  10. Healthcare Financing Innovation Award
  11. Healthcare Leadership Award
  12. District/ Urban Authority with best managed Health systems
  13. Doctor of the Year
  14. Nurse of the Year
  15. Midwife of the Year
  16. Allied Health Worker of the Year
  17. Pharmacist of the Year
  18. Regional Health Champion – North,East, West, Central & south
  19. Award of Excellence in Palliative Care
  20. Measles and Rubella Awards of excellence
  21. Ebola preventation, treatment and management Awards.
  22. Health Journalist of the Year- Print
  23. Health Journalist of the Year- Broadcast/ Digital
  24. Pharmacovigilance Excellence Award


13th February, 2020


15th February – 15th March
2020 (Closed)


6th November, 2020
Kampala Serena Hotel